Overwintering Strawberry Pots

With strawberry planting season fast approaching (wishful thinking?) a question we often get asked is whether or not a container of strawberry plants planted this year can be held over winter for next year. Our answer is it is possible but the results may not be worth it. If you plant ever-bearers and they are […]

Do You Know Your Hardiness Zone?

According to the National Gardening Association gardeners need a way to compare their garden climates with the climate where a plant is known to grow well. That’s why climate zone maps were created. Zone maps are tools that show where various permanent landscape plants can adapt. If you want a shrub, perennial, or tree to […]

Fight the Flu with Antioxidant Rich Fruits & Vegetables!

  The flu has been hitting hard all over the country this season and we have yet to see the end of it. People from all over are looking anywhere and everywhere for ways to ward it off or keep it from coming back and it looks like seeking out foods that are rich in […]

Lightning Damage on Strawberries

Just read an interesting article in a strawberry publication about lightning damaging strawberry plants. The lightning stressed the plants enough to make them susceptible to Phytophtora Crown Rot. Something to keep in mind that “stress events” can happen weeks and even months before the actual damage manifests itself.

New App for Gardeners

Information at your fingertips! A new app from a multi-university team to help identify and manage pests in your garden. This app is packed with information about identifying pests, pest life cycles and disease symptoms. It can also send you alerts at the right time to be on the lookout for pests in your area. […]

The Wonders of the Cranberry

  You may be under the impression that most every fruit is incapable of surviving the cold, bitter months of the winter season, and we can understand that. While the weather proves to be a complication, there are certain fruits that have the ability to make it out of the winter intact. One of those […]

Overwintering Primocane Raspberries

Have you wondered if you could leave the 1st year growth of fall bearing raspberries and get a summer crop next year? The answer is yes BUT it will probably delay your fall crop and any gain in yield from the summer crop would be lost due to short fall crop. In our opinion, DON’T […]

Funny how a new customer found us…..

When someone calls and asks to be added to our mailing list to get our free resource guide we ask how they heard about us. Yesterday a customer said they found our catalog on the side of the road and like our products! Most interesting reply to date.

Pruning Primocane Brambles

While many sources say to prune in the fall, the optimal time to prune primocane fruiting raspberries and blackberries is AFTER the coldest part of winter is over. Therefore, our recommendation is that you wait until late winter, early spring to prune.

The Perfect Gift for Your Garden Lover!

  Does your gardening friend or family member have a birthday coming up and you’re not sure what to get them? How about a gift certificate to Indiana Berry & Plant Co.? We’re sure they’ll be raving about it for days!   People are always saying that money is a great gift to give, but […]